5 motion graphics that are leading that way in the industry.

There’s something beautiful about motion graphics when used on social media. It elevates content from a basic static image and adds a wow factor that coaches love to ask for. Here are five of our favorites from this year.

The views above the stadium are eye-dropping and the small details like the use of the ease tool make this one of our favorites. Look for more spectacular content from LSU and Matt.

If you have tried motion graphics, then you know adding 3D objects can be a heavy task. Great job from Mississippi State for thinking outside the box and creating a custom animation that stands out amongst the noise.

When it comes to motion graphics on television platforms, ESPN never fails. Their look from the NFL Draft was sophisticated and futuristic. Creative Director: @coolhand20 

This could have easily been a simple graphic, but the animation adds a lot of fun and style to the piece without over complicating things.

Winning a championship means your graphics have to be on point and done as soon as possible. The complexity of the animations shows that this team values great design just as it does players.


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