Best CFB Design Team Watchlist 1.0

There’s something exciting about the upcoming CFB season that makes designers prepared to produce some of their best work yet. Here’s our top CFB design teams to keep an eye on for the upcoming season. We will be adding more teams as the season approaches Ohio State It’s no surprise that Ohio State is on the list, but let’s be honest. They deserve every mention that get because of the ability to constantly produce quality designs that are both innovative and exciting. Purdue There’s something beautiful about simplicity and attention to detail. This creative team loves pushing the envelope with their content and it thinking outside the box.Alabama The defending champs took a lost this offseason, but as we know their creative talent is as deep as their on field talent. Look for them to add a new creative to their team to compete for a design championship.Texas Last year Texas made a splash in the off-season that made a big difference in its creative content. Now, with an established look we are looking for the Texas football design staff to hit the gas pedal.Pitt This creative squad made some acquisitions that really put their content on the map. They have been able to develop a look that is unique to their brand and have the opportunity to rise to the top.NC State Small schools can have big time design content and this squad proved they can compete with anyone. Excited to see how they continue to pave away through the trenches.Mizzou Over the years their content has been consistently solid and this season they have all the tools to drive it to the finish line. There’s only so much some creatives can do with a limited color palette, but this seasoned team has the ability to do what most couldn’t imagine.South Carolina A fresh rebirth is exactly what’s happening when it comes to South Carolina’s creative team. They makes us excited just to see what they will put out next. Michigan There’s something unique when a team is able to make equipment graphics look like beautiful pieces of art. Look for this squad to continue to set the bar high when it comes to jersey swaps and photo heavy content. Auburn There’s something about the talent in the SEC that makes it a hard environment to compete in. Auburn is looking to make a statement this season and all eyes are on them. Ready or not it’s time to eat!


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